Legal and Terms of Use

Cautionary Notes:

  1. While we have attempted to ensure accuracy of the graphs and the tables, some of these may contain errors. When using the graphs, make sure the percentages, and other information are the same as that in the Statistics Canada source file (excel file).
  2. Please note the cautionary notes under each 2x2 statistical table.
  3. Please see our video tutorials in the Métis Centre E-learning suite and other documentation on interpreting and reporting statistics.
  4. Statistical tables retrieved from the Métis Centre statistical databases should be cited as follows:
    Statistics Canada. 2006 [insert name of survey]. Title of statistical table. Retrieved on [date of retrieval] from the Métis Centre of the National Aboriginal Health Organization: [URL here].
    For example:
    Statistics Canada , 2006 Aboriginal Peoples (2009). In general, would you say your health is...? by sex for the Métis identity population, Canada. retrieved on February 14, 2012 from the Métis Centre of the National Aboriginal Health Organization:
  5. Statistical data in the on-line databases may be used for your own personal needs and the needs of your employer. Data may also be further shared and re-published on a strictly non-commercial basis, under the condition that methodological notes and footnotes are included, and that the source (Métis Centre of NAHO) is clearly indicated.