About This Site

The two databases on this website – the Métis health literature database and the Métis statistical database – were developed by the Métis Centre of the National Aboriginal Health Organization. The searchable literature database is a catalogue of Métis health literature bibliography with detailed annotations of journal articles. These include peer-reviewed and grey literature articles (government and non-government organization reports).

How the literature database was developed:

From 2008-09, the Métis Centre undertook a literature review of all peer-reviewed articles published between 1980 and 2010 relating to Métis health and well-being. Peer-reviewed articles that met the criteria set out at the outset were included. The articles were reviewed, annotated and entered into the database. On an ongoing basis, new articles are reviewed and added. Grey literature articles relating to Métis health and well-being are also being added.

How the statistical database was developed:

The statistical database, developed in collaboration with Statistics Canada, currently houses about 6000 2x2 statistical tables from the 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey, 2006 Census, Aboriginal Children’s Survey and the Aboriginal Peoples Survey (Children & Youth). Each table is accompanied by two graphs, one without error bars and one with error bars. (Error bars are visual representations of confidence intervals, which enables statistical comparison of two estimates.) In addition, questionnaires from each of the surveys and their respective codebooks are provided to better understand the tables and variables. To build statistical capacity among Métis stakeholders and community members, short video tutorials demonstrating executing searches of the databases, interpreting the 2x2 tables, using the codebook and relevant statistical concepts have been developed and added. These are available in our Métis Centre E-learning tutorials suite.